About us

Bornhall Design is a Stockholm based jewelry brand founded by Marie-Helene & Simon Bornhall. Founded in early 2021 the brand focuses on hand made jewelry using natural materials like Pearls, Stones, and Metals.

Marie-Helene has been working with jewelry since the early 90s and has Master of fine arts in metal design from Konstfack. She enjoys the challenges and focus that’s required working with small details. Making jewelry that people can wear in their everyday life and also on special occasions is an important part of the design process.

Simon started working as a model at the age of fifteen. Nine years later he has worked with some of the biggest brands in fashion across the globe. The extensive interest in the different aspects of building a collection like, styling, photo, and design made building a brand from the start seem like the natural step forward.

The first collection from Bornhall Design titled Into the wilderness, is now available. Full Collection designed by Marie-Helene & Simon Bornhall.